Boho Trendy Chic Plaid Step-In Dog Harness

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The Boho Trendy Chic Plaid Step-In Dog Harness  distributes leash pressure across the dog’s chest and shoulders, relieving pressure on the neck, Lightweight and easy-to-fit.

Made for convenience and function, this will make a difference in your daily walks. 

Product Details

Why you'll love the Boho Trendy Chic Plaid Step-In Dog Harness:

  • Top construction for durability dirt, water and abrasion resistance.
  • Breathable lining and chest pieces provide comfort while offering a snug fit.
  • Perfect for cats and dogs that love fashionable plaids.

This designer harness is made with quality & trend in mind with the finest materials! 


3XS  Neck  16CM-19CM   Chest 24CM-28CM  

2XS  Neck  17CM-26CM   Chest  31CM-37CM  

  XS  Neck  19CM-28CM   Chest  34CM-42CM  

   S    Neck  26CM-31CM  Chest  38CM-46CM  

   M   Neck  28CM-34CM  Chest  43CM-52CM  

    L   Neck  30CM-38CM  Chest  47CM-57CM  

   XL  Neck  38CM-47CM  Chest  54CM-64CM