Fox Lady Squeaky Plush Pet Toy

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The Fox Lady Squeaky Plush Pet Toy will be a beloved toy that can become a source of comfort for a dog, just as it can for a child. Many dogs enjoy looking after their toys and taking them everywhere

The Fox Lady Squeaky Plush Pet Toy contains five squeakers in total and has a squeaker in both hands and feet. This adorable stuffed toy can be a great option as they hold scents, which can aid in separation anxiety if you are away.

Product Details

Why you'll love the Earth Monster Cute Squeaky Pet Toy:

  • Eco-Friendly,Filled with three dimensional PP Cotton
  • Size:37*17CM
  • Premium quality for durability dirt, water and abrasion resistance.
  • Great for playing fetch to prevent boredom and provide healthy exercise.
  • Durable stitching and soft exterior make it great for cuddling, too.

This designer toy is made with quality & trend in mind with the finest materials!